The time has come for your seo agency to be fired! Losing marketing customers is, as we all know, the worst thing that can happen to a company. That is why you must be the one who understands how to keep customers.

As a result, this article functions as a treatment for illness:

You’ll discover the most typical reasons why an seo agency is fired, how to prevent losing customers, and how to enhance client happiness at your seo agency.

The most successful SEO agencies have one thing in common: they all use the same strategies. However, there is a distinction between what industry professionals consider “standard practice” and what ordinary companies believe SEO services perform.

The truth is that search engine marketing still has a shady reputation. A competent seo agency distinguishes itself from others that are dismissed after three months by how they communicate and bridge the gap between perception and truth.

While good SEO work requires a lot of technicality, some companies are losing business due to their techniques rather than ineptitude. They are dismissed because they failed to follow certain fundamental, but important, standards.

Here are some of the most common reasons why seo agencies are fired, as well as some advice on how to prevent them:


This basic yet powerful concept covers the majority of the difficulties in client-agency partnerships. Companies must wait a long time to see visible results from SEO effort in relation to their investment. And there’s always the risk of a communication breakdown at any point along the process.

This is why it’s critical to have clear and open lines of communication open from the start. This is critical in ensuring that everything between the client and the SEO agency is on the same page, from the goals and measures taken to attain them to the success metrics and project timeframe.

Lack of transparency

Transparency is one of the methods to prevent losing customers. You must be honest with your customer and communicate more often.

Artios, a London-based artificial intelligence search analytics firm, looked at over 500 companies from across the globe that have worked with SEO agencies. It was discovered that one out of every four terminations during the first six months was due to secrecy and lack of openness.

Both the customer and the SEO provider must commit to long-term goals in order to achieve them. As a result, trust – in each other and in the process – is a necessary pillar for coordinated success. You should start working on this as soon as the seo agency’s sales presentation.

How to avoid losing clients as an seo agency

SEO agencies should also strive to make their work methods transparent. Some companies want their items to show up when customers search for them online. This sort of customer may be perplexed as to why it may take a year before they see visible results from SEO efforts.

If your customers are unsure what they are receiving for their money, you have failed to be transparent, and this is not a good approach to keep customers.

What can be done about it?

During the pitch phase, you may set up a meeting between your customer and their account team. This will help to build trust early on in the relationship. Clients should distinguish between chatting with compelling salesmen and meeting the folks who will be performing THE job for their organization.

During the pitch phase, set up a meeting with the account team to avoid making impossible promises. There have been several occasions when consumers have felt deceived. This is due to the fact that SEO account teams cannot keep commitments they have not made.

On both parties, the beginning, method, set of goals, actions, and timescale involved, among other things, should be clear. The customer must comprehend the actions necessary to attain their objectives. Furthermore, the firm must comprehend what the customers want from the project. This ensures that SEO agencies focus on the metrics that are most important to the customer.

How to avoid losing clients as an seo agency

Goals and objectives that aren’t aligned

Brian Signorelli spent $70,000 on an SEO service to obtain sales leads for his small company. The partnership was short-lived, however, since the seo agency was focused on increasing metrics that were irrelevant to him. Rather of generating leads, the SEO agency focused on his Twitter presence, gaining him followers instead.

There’s much to be said about having a larger Twitter following and how that might transfer into sales leads later on. However, the SEO agency lost the contract since its approaches were not adequately aligned with the client’s goals.

What can be done about it?

Before going further, all parties should agree on the project’s aims and objectives, preferably in writing. This should contain the measures you’ll use to track progress and assess results.

Challenging your clients’ preconceptions is just as vital as aligning goals and objectives. You should avoid acting like a “yes guy.” They may urge you to increase their social media following or enhance the appearance and keywords on their website. You can’t simply offer people what they want; you have to figure out why they want it. This will provide you with a clear knowledge of how to proceed with the client’s objectives.

How to avoid losing clients as an seo agency

Lack of patience

When it comes to SEO agency work, it’s challenging enough to get customers to comprehend the larger picture. It’s much more difficult to get them to see the big picture. Not due of misunderstanding, ineptitude, or a lack of openness, but because the customer lacked patience to see the process through.

What can be done about it?

As previously said, you may address this issue early in the client-agency relationship by explicitly stating the quantity of work necessary and the time it will take to achieve the specified goals. You may also offer frequent progress reports, as well as a timeline for when they can expect to see actual benefits.

To ensure customers appreciate the value of your work, you should quantify your influence on their company at key points during the process. Measure, analyze, and repeat to keep those retainer checks coming in. According to Shopify, checking the analytics at the start of each week is recommended, not just for reporting reasons but also to get a clear picture of what you should concentrate on for the remainder of the week.

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